Physics program:     » CollidBalls.exe «      by HWK





Short description of the program

This program visualizes / simulates the timed process of collisions of bodies. The
collisions occur perfectly elastic or perfectly inelastic and central, hence the pro-
ceedings are one-dimensinal. Up to 20 bodies in linear order and with arbitrary mass
and arbitrary position at the beginning can be selected or one of the 18 preset default
arrangements (which have been optimized for the situation arranged) can be chosen.
The bodies, called "spheres" and physically treated as spheres are visualized in the
graphic's window as rectangles (for optimizing the speed of processing). The height
of the rectangles is proportional to the bodies' mass (for small values only) in order
to generate a better visualization.

Download of the program

Here, you can download the program » CollidBalls «. The program file to be down-
loaded is "CollidBalls.~exe", the inserted tilde is for the reason of your safety. To
start the program, the file has to be renamed to "CollidBalls.exe".

Save the program to an arbitrary directory. When started, it creates an "ini" file for
some parameters in this directory. The program does not write into the registry and
also does not read from the registry. To uninstall the program just delete the files
CollidBalls.exe and CollidBalls.ini.

                  Download "CollidBalls.~exe" to your computer                       

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